luni, 1 februarie 2010


Today my cat wanted to run away from home again, but I saw it on time and I brought it back.Today it snowed again.The snowflakes are so beautiful, are unique, have different forms..However, I hate snow and winter.Winter is the ugliest season.. is cold and sad!Today i stayed in the house, i did not go out because I was scared of the weather, especially because it is so cold!Earlier, I heard a song, an absolutely beautiful song that I love, but every time I hear it,it makes me wish a cigarette and I hate cigarettes and people who smoke.I dunno why it makes me want that ...Finally, I promised myself that since i will be 20 years old i won't smoke or drink! And I am going to keep this promise alive!
What a boring post on a very boring blog.
See ya! :wave:

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